About Me

Together we’ll get it right

NOW IS THE TIME to do it properly.

I have a track record of taking failed book projects and breathing new life into them. I can make it happen for you the way you want it – on time, on budget, with skill, empathy and a real feeling for your views and your voice.

My favourite testimonial comes from a successful businessman/politician I worked with for nearly a year, as his book grew and became more intriguing and more personal.

‘When I read this,’ he said, ‘it sounds more like me than me.’

I believe good writing matters – not for sentimental reasons, but because it does the vital job of grabbing and holding the reader’s attention.

I’ve been a paid poet, a pundit, a pedant and a punster. I’ve written a dozen books in my own right and my own style, and ghosted a clutch of others you’d never know were mine. I’ve worked on national newspapers in three countries and I have writing and editing skills they don’t teach any more.

Above all, I know how to work with authors to get the best out of them. It’s your book and it’s my job to make it great.

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