Your book could be next

I CAN WRITE wonderful words and create beautiful books for the authors I’m involved with. Here are two recent examples of hardback business books – one on leadership teams, the other on marketing analytics – from entrepreneurial authors I’ve worked with who chose to take the self-publishing route.

Chris Henderson’s Jump! was an ambitious ghostwriting project that resulted in one of the best-looking business books I’ve seen.

Raindancing was more about helping the author structure and polish his ideas and making sure that all the hard work of designing, editing, proofing, indexing and specifying print was handled properly to produce an attractive, authoritative and thoroughly professional hardback.   

I have also ghostwritten one personal life story, in a very different vein, with Paul Connolly, whose battles to overcome a brutal and abusive upbringing made for a uniquely inspirational ‘misery memoir’.

Moving so far outside my normal range presented several technical challenges for me, and I was unsure, at first, whether I should take the project on. In the end, however, Paul was so delighted with my ability to capture his voice and feelings that he insisted, at the last moment, that my name should be placed alongside his on the cover.

If there is any element of art in what I provide as a ghostwriter, it’s to do with this. Once I’ve spent time with you, I can write what you’d write if you had my decades of experience and technique to draw on.